May 29, 2013

Why we started and how :


  Ok , let us start by introducing ourselves :
 Hi , my name is Stella and my name is Gigi. 
                       Lets just tell you what happened, it all started off  when we both realized that it wasn't  fair.
It wasn't fair for the animals, nature itself, for the earth especially!
Example :
Lets say you go to a common store and you buy one little thing ,
that can change one bigger thing, one very bigger thing,
When you buy something make sure you need it because when you 
buy that thing something happens, the store ends up calling a factory for more (because you know more people buy that item),
and then a lot of smoke is created and that smoke travels.
It travels all the way to the Arctic. 
As you know smoke is warm but smoke also = pollution , and
pollution = destroying the earth and melting ice...

The Arctic is made out of ice and if one day it will eventually turn 
into water but too much water can cover all land and destroy all
life.  (Nobody wants that !)
Think of those mother polar bears trying to keep their cubs safe,
trying to feed them!  (Some male polar bears can't find food because all the ice is melting and they hunt down cubs of their own kind)

Think about it, think of what can happen!
Also scientists say that if ice melts sea levels will rise, and there will be 
more mosquitoes and more poison ivy will grow.
So lets all make a difference!
Lets help!
Lets not let all this happen!

It all starts today.   
How it works:
Every day we will have a challenge for you, not a hard one ,
something easy.
Think of it, if everyone does one little thing that's different every day (that we assign to you) it will end up becoming
bigger and bigger.
We can make a difference all together, all you need to do is try, try better than your best!! :)

Thank you for trying!

So, for our first challenge we have decided to ask everyone to start to think of the environment and how we all can make small changes in our daily lives.


Fairy-Mairy said...

Great job girls. I can't wait to start the challenges !!

Unknown said...

I did the chalenges

Unknown said...

I did the chalenges

Interstellar Chaos said...

Thanks Zak , I really appreciated!!

Sebastien Mulland said...

Hey Stella i did the challenges you told me they were really fun keep up the good work Stella


Interstellar Chaos said...

Cool, thanks for participating!
I'm really happy all this is working out! PS:I will keep up the work!

Interstellar Chaos said...

I meant the good work :o

Anonymous said...

Great job Girls

George said...

I remember this