June 02, 2013

Eat healthy because :

Hello everyone, today i think we should all eat healthy, very healthy and this is why:
When you eat  junk food or "healthy"
granola bars and other things with wrappers...

Those wrappers end up going in your waste basket and it does not disappear but it just stays there.

Healthy things are usually all natural, and lets say you eat a banana and then you have the peel you can throw it out and then it dissolves and something is left , 
something  good for plants, so you can also maybe throw one peel... 
in your garden one time. Either an animal will eat it or it will help 
your plants and crops grow.

PS: be green
By: Stella


Anonymous said...

I am trying my best to do this.

eleftheriotis said...

Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!

Interstellar Chaos said...

I know it's really hard because junk food is usually very good!