November 23, 2013

Turn it off when you are not using it.

Hello everyone, today I need to tell you guys something about your tv's. Usually you watch a movie or a show, basically you watch tv and some of you guys fall asleep or and leave the tv on or you just leave the tv on when you're not using it and that is wrong! Todays challenge is to turn off the tv (witch means dont turn it on obviously) for at least 2 days and if you can try to continue.

I also wanted to say one challenge might last for a week sometimes. Like example this challenge lasts for two days but I will still give you guys a new challenge tomorrow. I know it seems a bit (okay maybe very challenging) challenging but you guys can handle it. If some of you guys dont have a tv, here I will give you guys a mini challenge:

Mini challenge:
Try to use about half the amout of water that you use  usually.
( sometimes I might forget to wite a challenge or a mini challenge but that doesnt mean Im quiting or something and if I do forget just make up your own challenge of the day and if you really like it send me it in the coments, dont be afraid to ask questions or to leave a coment, I dont bite! Also if you guys dont agree with something I write just tell me (coment), i would be glad to fix something up or if you guys want me to write something specific you guys are free to request anything you like.)

(When I say "guys" I dont mean men, I mean everybody, so Im just talking to you "guys".)

Be green!
By Stella.E

(Sorry that I dont put pictures that often, my computer just broke so I have to use my Ipad to blog.(if one of you guys know how to put pictures on the post from the Ipad Id be glad to know,thank you guys for participating!)I also wanted to say that there is a question that I put up, dont be afraid to vote because I dont know if you guys are experts on being green.)


Anonymous said...

My TV is a new one, and it has a timer. I can set it to shut off at a certain time. So very cool !!!

Interstellar Chaos said...

That's great! Hope you tell friends and family about 1actaday.
(You seem like a very green environmentalist, keep up the good work!)


Interstellar Chaos said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like your blog Stella!!!!! I'm really glad I searched it up. You have excellent points and challenges and I would like to start doing some of them! All I can ay is CONTINUE BLOGING!!!!! :)

Graeme said...

YEAH ! I'll tell my friends and family about 1actaday.