April 16, 2017

Make The Difference

     Hey. Today I'll be writing about what you could do to reduce the effects of air pollution. Air pollution is a very serious issue and creates a huge impact on global warming and climate change. As Julia explained in the previous post, there are many causes and effects of air pollution, but today Ièm asking the question: What can you do about it?

     1. Conserve as much energy as possible.
Sadly, there is a huge relation between energy consumption and air pollution. 80% of all our energy worldwide comes from fossil fuels which, as you know, are burned to produce this energy. Think of it, almost every single thing we do requires an enormous amount of energy. Turn off your lights more often. Reduce your screen time. Air dry your clothing. Use less hot water. There are many things you can do. (If you would like me to write a post one day of all the ways to reduce your energy consumption in your day to day lives, please let me know in the comments or feel free to send me a message on 1actaday's Instagram account)

     2. Greener Transportation.
If you are anything like most people, you move around a lot throughout the day. You are either going to work or school, or maybe simply just running some errands. There are about 1.2 billion people that drive cars which is equivalent to 16.4% of everyone in the world. This may not seem like a lot but our transportation contributes to 12% of all the greenhouse gases that are emitted. If you can start walking or biking to where you have to go. It's more eco-friendly but is also way healthier for you. If this is an issue, try public transportation whenever you can. The bus is on its way anyway so really, you are polluting way less. If you really can't explore any of these methods, at least don't be that person who leaves their car running when they aren't driving. Every action makes a difference. 

     3. Make your voice heard.
Start looking into different ideas such as carbon tax and spread the word. Even by raising awareness you can really leave a mark. Post about issues such as air pollution and climate change on social media, or contact authorities and companies about these issues. You may think that this won't do much, but even if only one person is now aware of something serious like this, they may think before they leave their room and turn off the light. In the end, this blog is based on the same theory. There aren't as many people who read these posts, but as long as I see that there is at least one person, I know I am making my contribution and doing everything I can. 

     Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place.
Love Stella<3

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