September 29, 2013

Let us work on it

Hi everyone ! I have decided that almost everyday I will write a post and I also will in the summer. So I think for today we should work on air pollution. This challenge is really simple and basic, let's say you and your family or friends want to go somewhere and the area you want to go to is pretty far and you need to use your car or motorcycle ... Usually everyone takes their own vehicle to where 
ever you want to go to but my point is why shouldn't we all go in the same vehicle? If you don't have a car... Just take the bus with your family or friends or ask if your friend or family member can give you a lift to where you guys are going. If your not going somewhere far today just do the mini challenge. Hope you earth savers participate!

The mini challenge of the day: Pick up minimum three pieces of garbage that you find outside and obviously throw it in a garbage can.

PS: be green
By: Stella


grklyrics said...

Carpooling is more fun. It is boring to be in a car all alone. At least with some friends it makes the trip more enjoyable.

Interstellar Chaos said...

You are right, infact usually when you ar a great environmentalist you always enjo helping our world. :)