October 10, 2013

Let us save and use less

Hey everyone sorry, I've been very busy this week and i tried to write a post for you guys but I didn't have any time. Anyway today we're going to work on saving and not wasting. So today every time you go to the washroom, when you wash your hands try to use less soap or when you're taking a shower try to  use less shampoo... When you brush your teeth try to use less tooth paste ( I think you know what I mean).

For all the days that I have not written a post this week I'll give you guys a normal challenge to do when you have time today. Try not to use any straws today.(I know I may be repeating a few challenges from last year but please get mad at me, I'm still human I am not a robot, its hard for me always thinking up challenges for you guys)

ps: be  green

By: Stella


Anonymous said...

I use very little toothpaste always. Alot makes me gag. :p

Interstellar Chaos said...

Same here but I am glad you participate! ;)