January 31, 2014

Snip six pack rings

Hi everyone, the challenge that I am about to give you is a challenge for every day. This challenge is not even hard. It doesn't make a change to you but it can if we all participate. We've all seen plastic six pack rings, the little plastic circles that hold together six packs of canned drinks. Most people throw them as soon as they are done using them, right?

 Well, believe it or not that is your chance when you can help save sea life. The reason why we are doing this challenge is because a lot of sea creatures get harmed by these six pack rings and also from other horrible things. Many six pack rings wind up in the ocean because sometimes people leave them on the beach or other times they are put in dumps near the water and the wind blows them into the sea.That is when animals get stuck in them and suffer then eventually die either starve or get strangled.What you have to do is very simple, before you toss six pack rings in the garbage, snip each circle with scissors. Once the rings are cut, no animal can get caught in them!

 One more thing, when you are taking a walk, and you see six pack rings pick them up snip them and throw them in the garbage. You see it is not that bad.
(Sorry I couldn't put any pictures)
Ps: be greenBy: Stella.E


Anonymous said...

Cool Stella ! I will follow this advice .It's like ,who wants sea animals dead ,right ?

Unknown said...

Way to go girls. Keep up the good work <3

Unknown said...
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Fairy-Mairy said...

So sad. :(