January 03, 2014


Hi everyone I just felt like showing you all this little quote that my cousin thought of. I decided to show it to you guys because I thought it was sweet and she does has a point. You will understand as you read it.

"Trees have hearts so please save them"
       - Georgia.A

Don't forget about plants because first of all trees are part of plants in general and because they are special also!

Ps: Be green

By: Stella.E


Unknown said...

I find that you are right,trees do have hearts and we should treat them like living people

Anonymous said...

What a nice quote !

grklyrics said...

We should even plant a tree in our yard or garden, if we have the space. If we dont we can plant one in an empty space.

Fairy-Mairy said...

I love the picture of the tree with the heart ! Xoxo

Graeme said...

Wow ! I'm with Anonymous!

Mme Mireille said...

Hi Stella! I really like this photo. It reminds me of how precious nature is. We often take it for granted and assume it will survive anything. Thank you for this thoughtful post :)