April 10, 2014

Reuse creatively!

Hi everyone, today I was thinking that the daily challenge should be more creative than usual. So basically try to reuse things to create new ones... Down below I will add a couple of pictures to inspire you. The first picture is a bag that I got my birthday present in a couple of years ago. This bag is made out of milk cartons and the bag itself can prove that. The other two pictures are crafty ways of re using different items that you would usually throw in your recycling bin like toilet paper rolls, cardboard, paper,water bottles...Have fun getting crafty!! :)


Did you know:
By choosing to buy environmentally friendly products, you become an eco-consumer.

Ps: Be green 

                                          By: Stella.E                                                                                                                             

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grklyrics said...

Love the first pic. Its the bag Julee brought to you from Cambodia ! Xoxo