November 30, 2014

Use Rechargeable Batteries!

 Hey everyone!

      I know I haven't been posting and I just want to say that I'm really sorry about's challenge is to use rechargeable batteries instead of using regular ones. You might be thinking that I forgot that we can recycle regular batteries, but most people don't, and even recycling creates pollution on its own. Rechargeable batteries are also better for your economy because you only buy them once and just recharge them once your finished with them. Also by buying less batteries you reduce the amount of waste there is.

     I also would like to mention that as you are doing this challenge, you're probably going to find old batteries (regular ones). Go ahead and recycle those. I know I just mentioned that recycling alone creates pollution, but it's much better than just throwing something in the waste.If you already use rechargeable batteries...That's great!!! Continue your great job and spread the word!


 Did you know?

      Americans purchase nearly 3 billion batteries every year to power radios, toys, watches, laptops, tools and more (That's why rechargeable batteries are better for the environment and your economy).    

 PS: Be green!

 By: Stella E.

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