December 02, 2014

Are you buying the right cotton balls?

Hey everyone!
      Are you buying the right cotton balls? Today's challenge is to check if you're buying the right cotton balls because many people buy cotton balls that aren't even made of cotton! Some cotton balls are made out of polyester which is a synthetic material that is related to plastic. First of all polyester uses 67 % more energy than the production of cotton. Second of all polyester is not is completely not Eco friendly! Also, consider buying cotton balls that are made f organic cotton or cotton balls bleached without chlorine because they are better are better for the environment, and they are better for your health!

Did you know?

     It is not good to use chlorine just to make cotton balls white. Choosing to buy cotton that is whitened by Eco friendly substances such as hydrogen peroxide is a much better option. Also, did you know that cotton keeps the body cool in the summer, and warm in the winter because it is a good conductor of heat?

PS: be green!
By: Stella E.

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