March 11, 2015

Clean Up Time!

     Hello everyone! I hope you are having an amazing day! Today I have a pretty interesting and different challenge for you guys ( including me ). I would really appreciate it if today everyone can  encourage one other person ( friend, family member...) to do this challenge with you. The challenge is to do some spring cleaning as ecologically friendly as possible. If it is not spring where you are living, that should not be a problem because you might as well clean up! Only keep the things you need because many people have so many things they do not need. This is bad for the environment because the production of most of these objects create a lot of air pollution. Also a lot of waste is create since millions of people throw away many things. 
From now on it would be really great if everyone only bought what they needed. As your doing your clean up, try to use Eco-friendly products, techniques and thoughts...this will create a huge impact if many people do this.Thank you so much for your time. I also would like to thank you for your participation.Tell your friends, family members etc, about this blog so we can raise awareness about all the horrible things that are happening in our world.

PS: Be green!
By: Stella E.


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