February 05, 2017


     Hey. I'm very sorry about not posting last week. It's just that last week I had exams and a bunch of studying to do as well as for Julia. Anyway, so I have a challenge for this week so don't panick.🤗 
     The main theme/idea is minimalism. Basically what this means is having the least amount of unecessary things in your home. We live in a worl filled with the idea that we NEED to buy that or we NEED this, when in reality, all we need is food, water, a shelter and clothes👚👕. This week's challenge is to eliminate that consumerist idea from our brains. 

     Your goal is to go through as much stuff as possible and get rid of all the things that you don't need or that don't make you happy. Also help someone else by donating your unwanted things to charity. 

     How is this related to the environment? Well, firstly, when buying anything really, so much packaging is involved. Most of this packaging🎀 is harmful to our environment and also is bad when being produced. Another thing, think of all the factories 🌫there are out there producing so many green house gases. By buying only what you need, you are reducing your carbon footprint and are not supporting the destructive idea of consumerism🛍 I mean look at all the things around you. Every single object has it's own factory somewhere that is polluting the air with carbon🌀

     Throughout the week, Julia and I will be guiding you one step at a time, tackling different parts of your home, so you can try out the minimalist lifestyle. Anyway that's it for today😘
Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place❤️.

Love Stella❤️❤️

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