January 28, 2017


     Hey😊So I am so sorry for not posting yesterday. I will post today's planned post mixed with yesterday's post. I also have a little message that I will be giving in tomorrow's post. Anyway, this is what Julia and I ate today and yesterday.



Breakfast: Avocado toast with salsa.

Lunch: Falafels with a spinach salad.

Dinner: Vegetarian spinach and feta pizza.🍕🍕


Breakfast: Vegan tofu scramble with sweet potato, spinach, caramelised onions and 🍞bread.


Lunch: Falafel Buddha Bowl: quinoa base with cucumber, peeled carrot, edamame, some mint and a tahini balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinner: Eggplant🍆 Parmesan🧀 and a spinach salad



Breakfast: Avocado Toast with some olive oil, salt and pepper and a fruit smoothie.🍌🍓 

Lunch: Vegan Curry with rice🍚 and two pieces of bruschetta🍞

Dinner: A vegan couscous salad: couscous, flax seeds, split peas, beans, chickpeas🍑, parsley, red pepper🌶, artichoke, lime, olive oil, salt and pepper. (You can really put anything you want...It tastes amazing with a variety of ingredients)


Breakfast: A boiled egg🍳, with some fruit on the side🍍, and a glass of soy milk.

Lunch: Some leftover salad and some veggies with hummus. 

Snack: Cherry🍒 yoghurt with a mix of hemp seeds and granola (Super yummy)

Dinner: Vegan Spaghetti🍝 with a delicious pesto that you could make (recipe below) and a bean salad on the side.


That's it!! I also would like to apologise about Rant Friday...I'm just super busy and don't have much time especially lately. Don't worry about next weeks challenge, though!!

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place!!🤗🤗

Love Stella💋

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