October 17, 2013

Quit smoking!

Hi everyone, I know I have not written any posts for a couple of days but it is hard for me to always write a new post. I am really busy this year but do not worry at all I will always try my hardest to make time for you guys. Anyway today we will do a challenge to help air pollution stop. Air pollution is what I really want to work on this year because this is affecting our environment a lot this generation. The challenge is something mostly for the adults. I know this might seem weird but you can atleast try, taday try not to smoke any cigarettes or cigars... Believe it or not this affects our environment and your health. I he you guys try to do this and please tell people about 1actaday because the more people the bigger the difference.

For everyone who does not smoke or is a child here is a mini challenge:
Eat healthy all day. I know you might think "all the leftovers of my food like (apple coars, banaa peels, leftover vegies...) still go to garbage." If you leave them in your garden or in a grassy area eventually they will slowly "melt" into the ground and that will fertilize the ground believe it or not.

Hope you and your friends participate!

Ps: be green

By: Stella


grklyrics said...

It is almost two years that I quit smoking (i am an adult) and I feel great !!

Interstellar Chaos said...

Well that is great for our environment and for your health!