October 20, 2013

Please throw garbage in the garbage can!

Hi everyone, if I end up writing a post one day please do it on the day and if the next day I do not have time to write a post you can simply do the post that was for the day before. Anyway today I want to tell you guys something, sometimes I go to a city park or in a green area I see garbage cans,   then I see garbage all around them so I figure that the can must be full then I go check and no I was wrong, the can is barely full. Please actually throw garbage where it belongs because I can get really frustrated  with these kind of things. 

Ps: be green
By: Stella


Anonymous said...

It bothers me too !! I like your blog.

grklyrics said...

It can sometimes be tempting to toss something on the street. I agree, hang on to it and toss it in a bin.

Interstellar Chaos said...

Thank you for liking my blog and also I enjoy reading what kind of methods you guys use to do the chllenge.Dont forget be green!

Graeme said...

I want to ask my city permission to do a mosaic on the park .