May 02, 2017

The Fashion Industry-Solutions

     Hey! Stella here! Today's post is about the fashion industry and what you could do to create your own positive impact. As you may know, the fashion industry can be very harmful to out environment considering the fact that so much waste is produced from it and that so much energy is needed and consumed.
     What can you do? There are many things you can do to reduce the negative effects the fashion industry has on our planet. 

1. Thrift Shop
     Thrift shopping is a great way to help this cause. By thrift shopping not only are you getting cute vintage clothing, but you are also consuming way less energy, creating less waste and are not supporting fast fashion. You see, by buying something used, you aren't buying something new that can be associated with the consequences I mentioned previously.

2.Clothing Swap
     Having a clothing swap is a great way to meet up with friends and have some fun. It is always great to give some clothes that you may not like anymore to someone else who may love them. This way you are giving your old clothing away to a new owner who can get something new out of them. Also, you may get some nice pieces from your friends as well!

3.Buying Locally/Ethically
     Buying locally is the way to go. If you must buy clothing, it is way better for the environment, to buy from local businesses that are ethical.The quality is most likely way better, you know where the product is being made (avoiding issues like child labor), you know who is being paid and also you are avoiding fast fashion.

4.Dazzling Up
     What I mean by this is getting creative and giving your clothes a new life. By either adding accessories such as buttons or embroidering on you old clothes, you can make then new again. Sometimes you get bored of that same old piece of clothing, but by dazzling it up it becomes fun and interesting again. Also, nobody will have the same thing as you since your clothes will be completely authentic. 

5.Donating Clothing
     This is a way to be eco-friendly, but also to help others in need. Start donating clothing to organizations and you may make someone's life a little better. Maybe you do not like certain clothing, but I am sure someone else would be very thankful to take it. As they say: "One man's trash is another man's treasure". You can also donate clothing to thrift stores!

6.Borrowing Clothing
     Instead of buying a new dress for that dance, borrow it from a friend or loved one! It is really not necessary to go out and buy a new item every time an occasion arises. By borrowing clothing, you are getting closer with friends or loved ones and can find some really fun and different pieces. Also, you are helping our Earth<3

7.Avoid Fast Fashion
     When shopping, the best thing to do is to avoid fast fashion. Many huge companies that are considered fast fashion industries such as H&M will do anything and everything to produce their products in the cheapest and fastest ways. This includes enormous amounts of pollution from factories, child labor, workers in horrible conditions (that are mostly from developing countries such as Bangladesh), and bad quality clothing so they can get destroyed after one wash making you shop more!! This is a very serious issue so avoid companies like these. Check the labels and what country they are made in, Also aim for organic and natural material such as 100% cotton.

     That's it! I hope this has inspired you to be more conscious of the decisions you make the next time you go shopping! 

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place<3

-Love Stella<3


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