May 16, 2017

Water Pollution

     Hey. It's Stella! This week we will be focusing on water pollution. I am aware this has been a discussed topic here on 1actaday, but Julia and I would like to go into it more since it is a very significant issue we are dealing with.

     The earth's surface is 70% water. What does that mean? Well, water is pretty important, in fact, life began in the water! This is only one reason why it makes sense to keep our waters clean! Water pollution is basically when any type of toxic or unhealthy substance enters a body of water. There are many types of water pollution that I will briefly write about since water pollution can come from different sources.

Surface Water Pollution
     This one is pretty simple. Any toxic element or trash that remains on the surface of the water is considered surface water pollution. This included various plastics such as plastic bottles and even elements such as petroleum. 

Oxygen Depletion
     This one is pretty interesting. When there is an overload or a very increased level of biodegradable matter that is in a body of water a polluting cycle begins. Basically, there are many microorganisms that live in these waters that feed off of these substances. This causes a good kind (aeoribic) to die out causing the bad kind (anaerobic) to thrive. Why are these bad? They can create certain toxic chemicals and can be very harmful to marine life.

     This one is pretty obvious. Harmful chemicals in water just aren't healthy for anyone! So many industries just use lakes and rivers as their trash cans often by just simply getting rid of either poisonous materials or toxic waste into these bodies of water. This is not okay...I mean why is it even okay. Even certain chemicals such as pesticides that are used for our crops can end up in water streams. This is so dangerous for human populations as well as animal ones. Finally, oil spills! Fossil fuel industries mess up many times causing huge messes and eventually contaminating oceans with dirty oils. 

     There are many consequences to these pollutions. Firstly, marine life is in critical condition since they end up consuming so many chemicals and so much trash we create. Many people consume fish and seafood, well often us humans end up consuming these chemicals and can be very dangerous to us as well. Dangerous toxins in waters can cause issues with reproduction, breathing, they can lead to suffocation (many sea creatures choke and suffocate from trash) and they just generally decrease life expectancy. A good example of how water pollution affects our earth is acid rain. It is basically when toxic elements get into the water cycle becoming rain and eventually destroying entire ecosystems. 

     We really need to act on this now. Water is essential to life and cannot be treated like a trash can. Just think of how dependent you are on water. Julia will be posting soon concerning solutions and actions you could make to take your part. 

     Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place<3             

Love Stella

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