May 18, 2017

Water Pollution-Solutions

Hi everyone, it's Julia! So now that Stella has talked about all the different kinds of water pollution and its effects on the planet, I will be going through 5 ways you can all help. 

1. Buy Organic: it was explained in the last post that pesticides ides on farms can end up finding their way into oceans,lakes etc. The solution to this is pretty simple, buy certified organic!

2. Watch what goes down your drain: like the big factories that dump harmful chemicals into lakes and rivers, we can sometimes use the sink and shower as our own personal garbage can. We can forget that the things that go down the drain can get into water supplies and seriously damage ecosystems. Some examples are to use softer dish soaps, detergents, and to use shower products that are more natural. Also, don't wash food down the drain, put it in your compost or garbage. 

3. Buy less plastic: as mentioned by Stella, surface pollution is a big problem because it can be harmful to marine life. Surface pollution is largely made up of plastic, so the solution is to buy less of it. From plastic water bottles to most packaging, limiting the amount of plastic you buy can make a big difference. 

4. Limit you water consumption: this one is pretty oblivious, but taking shorter showers and not leaving the sink on while brushing your teeth can help in limiting your water footprint. If you want to make a bigger different, going vegetarian/vegan is the way to go. If you want to know why, this website explains the reason eating less meat helps:

5. Don't litter: this isn't a hard challenge because you shouldn't be littering in general, but when you do it close to a lake, river or the ocean it can contribute to surface pollution. The wind can pick up the trash and it ends up going into the water so that the aquatic life can eventually die choking on it.

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