March 06, 2017


Hello everyone, it's Julia. Today's post will be all about bees 🐝! If you haven't heard yet, bees have recently made it on the endangered species list. This is really awful because they are the ones that pollinate all of the Earth's plants 🌱. If bees were to go extinct, the agriculture industry would crash which would mean we'd also die because we'd have no food! So how do we prevent this from happening? Well, I'll be giving 4 different ways to help raging from easy and inexpensive to a little harder and costly! 
1. Let your weeds grow! During spring time, many people spend hours in their front lawn pulling weeds, such as dandelions. Well, bees actually really enjoy feeding on these plants, so you can just relax inside and enjoy watching buzzing bees 🐝 go from dandelion to dandelion. 
2. Buy organic! Pesticides are useful for killing insects that feed on our crops, but they also hurt bees who are really there to help. Buying (certified) organic will mean that those harmful pesticides were not used. 
3. Plant bee friendly flowers 🌸! Unlike tip #1, this will need you to spend some time in the garden. Flowers such as thistles, sweet clovers, black eyed susans and sunflowers 🌻 are also great to plant for the bees 🐝 because they like to feed on them. 
4. Become an Urban Beekeeper! Urban beekeeping has become a new hobby that Stella and my school has actually started. It's basically adopting a hive and collecting its honey 🍯. We are both dying to get our own but it is a little expensive. If you're interested and live around Montreal, then here's a website that provides more info and sells the supplies. 

5. This is an easy bonus challenge! Share this post to spread awareness 😝

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you've all been having a nice spring break! 
Love ❤️ 

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