March 01, 2017

Less is More

     Hey everyone! Stella here. So I will be filling in on the post Julia did yesterday just to elaborate a bit more and clear things up. So basically, the challenge for every day if this week is to use less of everything. What I mean by this is to be more conscience when making your decisions every day. 
     The thing is, us humans use more than we need. We over-consume. This is a serious issue especially since it is the number one cause of climate change🌊. And yes, I know you may be thinking that fossil fuels are the main cause...which is right, but think of it...why do we need so much electricity 💡in the first place? To produce all the products that are advertised, sold and bought by us humans. We need to change our way of thinking. I am aware that this is difficult because we are practically born into our world being told that we NEED this and that we NEED that, when really, all we need is food🍞, water 💧and a roof 🏡over our heads. This is why this week we are focusing on using less. 
   There are many benefits to using less actually. Firstly and most importantly, you are making an enormous difference concerning the environment 🌱and your carbon footprint 🌀, secondly you are saving money 💸, thirdly you are valuing your belongings much more, fourthly you are not participating in the support of child labor 👧🏻as much as before (this will be explained throughout the week), fifthly you are getting rid of uneeded clutter and making your life less stressful....I can go on forever, but I believe you got the idea. There are so many more reasons to use and buy less than the opposite. I mean will that seventh sweater 👚really make your life better? I don't think so. So think more critically and carefully. 
     Throughout the week Julia ans I will be inspiring you to take action (hopefully), and will be giving you tips and ideas to make this a bit more fun and interesting while also giving a lot of information concerning many topics. Some being: the food, clothing, and toiletries we purchase. 
     Anyway, that is all I wanted to say, and I hope you have a beautiful day❤️
Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place 🌎

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