March 11, 2017

Pesticides 💀

     Hey.Today's post will consist of pesticides💀and their harmful effects on honeybees🐝.
     So, as you know, pesticides are super harmful to bees🐝, but why? Well, firstly they pretty much consist of toxic chemicals🌀 that are harmful to their health and the crops🌱 they are sprayed on. When pesticides are sprayed on plants/ crops they can get everywhere including the pollen✨, nectar and reproductive systems of plants which are all targets to honeybees. 

     Once the honeybees actually attain plants🌸 that have been contaminated with these harmful chemicals, they can not only hurt themselves, but the entire colony🐝. Usually, pesticides will individually affect the honeybee that gets into contact with ghe contaminated plant 🌱by messing with it's tracking, circulatory🤔 and memory systems making them forget their way back home🏡 to the hive, but in many cases, symptoms can be spread throughout the bees😕. When one bee returns to the hive carrying harmful chemicals🌫, all the other bees get impacted ad well as the queen👑. If you didn't know, honey🍯 is produced through the regurgitation of pollen over and over again as the honeybees take turns. Imagine how easily chemicals and pesticides🌀 can spread from that kind of contact and transmission! 

     Many studies have shown that a specific type of pesticide🌀is the main cause of colony collapses💀 They are called: Neonicotinoids. Sadly, this type of pesticide is used too often and can justify the occuring endangerement of the honeybee🐝. This is another readon why buying healthy, organic🌱 and local foods is the way to go. That way you are eating healthier 🍽and saving the bees. I mean is pesticides are harmful to honeybees, what makes them safe for humans😷? 

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place😘

Love Stella❤️

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