March 13, 2017

Climate Change

     Hey everyone! Stella here. This week's challenge involves the concept/issue of climate change. Climate change is a very serious issue that must be acted on immediately. This is why it is the theme chosen for this week's challenge.

     Firstly, what is climate change? Climate change is the consequence of the greenhouse effect. Sunlight reaches our Earth nd bounces off it or gets absorbed by it. When a barrier such as greenhouse gases (Co2, Methane, Water Vapor), are released into the atmosphere, the heat produced by the sunlight is trapped and results in temperature change. 

     It is our fault as humans that these harmful gases are released into the air. Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, and oil are burned to produce electricity even though there are long-lasting and renewable sources available. This is al done because of money. It is so sad to see so much greed and selfishness that can be associated with one humans. 

     We must all think of the long term consequences climate change would cause. Is it really worth the money? This brings us to the whole idea od Environment VS Economy. Which is more important? Will money provide clean air, water, and soil? Is it really the biggest priority. I happen to think that our one and only home is, therefore, we must act now. 

     Don't know how to make a difference? Julia will be posting solutions and ways you can make a difference tomorrow. Make sure to stay updated!!

     Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place!!

     Love Stella<3


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grklyrics said...

So true! We must act NOW !