March 02, 2017

Use Less Packaging

     Hey! Stella here. I hope you are having a beautiful day❤️. So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, Julia and I will give you some inspiration and tips throughout the week concerning the idea of using less. 
What I will write about is a way of using and wasting less packaging when purchasing and eating food🍞.
     I am aware that this was the theme/idea for the challenge a few weeks a go, but a reminder and some new tips will not hurt. You probably eat food 🍽if you are anything like any human on our planet, and that food probably comes with so much unecessary packaging which is bad for you and the environment🌎. By purchasing less packaged foods, you are reducing your carbon footprint🌀, eating healthier, capreating less waste and of course using less! 

     Here are some ways to use less packaging when purchasing foods:

Buy in bulk:
     This may seem quite obvious, but not many people actually do this enough. Try finding a local store near you where you can buy various foods🍚, nuts and dry fruits🍍 without any waste. This way you are choosing healthier😊 options and are most probably supporting less polluting companies.

Have a Checklist: 
     When grocery shopping, having a checklist 🗒of what you need to buy is always a good idea. Firslty you are being more organised which is always a bonus, and you are avoiding over consumption. Also, by having a grocery list, you can focus on buying organic🌱, healthy and less wasteful/packaged foods. 

Bring a Reusable Bag🛍:
     Using reusable bags for any situation or cause is the way to go. Firsly, plastic bags are made of plastic which is basically petrolium☠, and if you didn't know, the extraction of this ressource is very harmful for the planet🌎. Secondly, after using a plastic bag, it most probably gets trown away into the trash🗑 and ends up polluting our soil and waters while harming many animal species. Finally, it's way more convenient and can be mire beneficial since it lasts long and will probably last almost forever.

Avoid Plastic Bottles💦:
     I' e talked about this a million times...let's make it a million and one! Plastic bottles are costly💸, are made of petrolium, contain harmful chemicals🌫 that affect our health, and pollute out earth ans oceans🌊Purchase a reusable bottle. Trust me it's worth it.

That is all I have to remind you of when it comes to using less when buying food🍞

A few other tips: 
Try using less electricity💡 ( turn off the lights when you exit a room, unplug apliances that aren't being used...)
Be mindful when using your things ( try not to waste any materials, avoid throwing things away and explore alternatives such as recycling♻️ or reusing)

Also Julia will be writing a post about using less of your toiletries🛢 and making your own istead of buying overpriced ones that come with way too much packaging. 

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place❤️


Unknown said...

Well, I hope everybody understands the variety of theese topics...for the greater good....nice work Stellitsa....keep going sweetie...!!!

grklyrics said...

❤️ Your blog !