November 20, 2016

Climate Change 🌊🌊

   Hi again. As I mentioned in the previous post I will be discussing about climate change. I feel that it is an issue that should be discussed in detail, so that's why I'm doing this. So I'll start by explaining what climate change is. It is also know as global warming. So basically it's the idea that our planet's temperature is rising and this happens because of all the CO2 in the atmosphere. The sun's rays reach earth. A certain of that heat stays on the planet and another percentage goes back to space. By adding a bunch of greenhouse gazes to the atmoshere we are not permitting that heat to leave the planet so basically the more emissions the more heat. This eventually leads to thhe polar ice caps melting and obviously when ice melts it becomes water. This causes the endangerement of certain animals such as the polar bear as they lose their homes and starve to death trapped on little ice islands and in some cases drown. Sea levels then rise which eventually leads to flooding around the world and weird and dangerous weather changes. Those are the consequences of climate change. What leads up to it is as bad. I'll discuss the biggest emittors of CO2 and/or methane, fossil fuels. The biggest use for them are to create electricity. The different types of exploitation of these fossil fuels (coal, natural gaz, and oil) is so bad for the environment. Whole ecosystems are destroyed because of mining and this involves deforestation which leads to loss of habitats for animals which leads to the extinction of animals. The worst part is When these ecosystems are destroyed nobody cares to fix them. They just move to the next place. I mean I don't understand, fossil fuels are eventually going to be completely's not a long lasting source of energy. That is why renewable energy sources such as water wind and the sun are way better options. The reason why these companies exploit fossil fuels is because it's cheaper and easier and provides short term money, but a lot of it. Anyway, this is why I started 1actaday. I believe if everybody does one small green act every day we can make some difference. It may not seem much to you individually, which is the point because it's supposed to be easy, but imagine if a bunch of people where to do that same act on that day. It accumulates. A metaphor to better understand: someone wants to buy a something for 1000 dollars, thhe money is a lot for just him, but if 1000 people were each to pay one dollar it would accumulate and one dollar is not a big deal for one person. So yeah...I'll end it here. Hope the rest of your day is good. 

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place ❤️
-Love Stella

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