November 30, 2016

Heating/Air Conditioning

    Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous day! Today's challenge is to not heat up an empty house. This mostly applies to people who are living in places where winter has come, like me. It is so wasteful to leave the heating on while nobody is in the house! I mean, most boilers are fuelled by gas, oil or electricity, which we all (hopefully) know is bad for the environment. What is the point of keeping nobody warm when you are out of the house and wasting money, when you can just shut off your heating before leaving the house? If you'd rather not completely turn off your heating completrely, then you can always just lower it a bit. I mean, every little act counts (that's the point of this blog)! If it is currently not winter where you live...and it is summer the do the opposite...Turn off your air conditioning (The most electricity is used during the summer because air conditioners use way too much electricity), and if you find it too hot, go swimming or take a cool shower! That's it for today, hope this isn't too hard for you to handle if not, way to go! Let others know about today's challenge and one more thing: I mentioned on the 1actaday instagram that I'd be posting a surprise post today, well that's postponed to tomorrow :) Have a happy rest of the day:)

Daily Did You Know:
Did you know that every year, Americans throw out 25 trillion styrofoam cups? (You know how much I hate styrofoam)

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place <3

-Love Stella

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