January 26, 2017

Almost There!

Hi, it's Julia once again to update you guys on what Stella and I are today! 
So for breakfast I had a spinach omelette sandwich with some salsa 

For lunch I knew I wouldn't have time to eat anything, so I didn't prepare myself a lunch 

And dinner I had more leftover vegan mac and cheese with a spinach sandwich (btw the recipe for the mac and cheese is in the post from 2 days ago) 

What Stella had: 
Breakfast: cereal with soy milk 
Lunch: leftover veggies from yesterday's post with some nuts 🥜 
Dinner: salad 🥗: lettuce, red pepper 🌶, chickpeas, beans, avocado 🥑, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, some salt and pepper. 

I hope that the challenge has been working for you! Thx so much for reading ❤❤

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