January 22, 2017

Eco-Friendly Diet!

Hi guys, I'm Julia (Stella's new helper)! I am so pumped to be the new addition to 1actaday, and I'm just so thankful that Stella even asked me to join. She is so dedicated, driven, and passionate about helping the environment❤️. I'm just really excited to help spread the word about how to be more environmentally friendly. So this week's challenge is about changing your diet. So this might sound a little confusing, but this challenge will be split into different parts (which will correspond to your existing diet). Just scroll down until the question matches you! 

1. Do you eat meat with most meals, but would like to reduce your carbon footprint 👣? Well reducing the amount of meat you eat throughout the week can actually help a lot. Meat production actually creates more carbon emissions than all the cars, planes and busses in the world 🌎! This might sound funny, but livestock farts, belches and excrement are one of the reasons for why meat production is so awful for the planet. They create methane which is 21 times worse than CO2. Livestock also takes up 160 times more land then plant based agriculture, and uses up an almost unbelievable amount of water (for example, it takes 660 gallons of water to make one burger 😱😱). If trying to give up all meat is to hard for you, you could also try and stop eating red meat because cows are by far the leading contributor in all of the problems I just mentioned! There are many other benefits in becoming vegetarian (such as health and economic ones), if you curious about them visit

2. Are you vegetarian or pescatarian? Well, being vegetarian is amazing in so many ways, but you could always do more. Eating a vegan diet might sound hard, but as long as you find the right substitutes, you'll be fine. Going vegan has a long list of benefits, but as for the environmental ones they are pretty much the same as going vegetarian. The only difference is that eating a completely plant based diet reduces your carbon footprint by even more. You wouldn't be contributing to the production of cows for milk, which is great because cows make methane (and as I said in last paragraph is 21 times worse than co2). Scientists say that 51% of greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture, so then going vegan wouldn't contribute to that 51% at all! If you are more interested in becoming vegan and it's long list of benefits, go visit 

3. Are you vegan? All I have to say to you is that you are doing wonders in helping to stop global warming ❤️🙌🏽!!! If you'd like to do even more, you could send a link to this blog to some friends who are also environmentally conscious!  

If you read this whole post, I really appreciate it and you deserve 1000 awesome points! I hope this post was informative and I hope you'll partake in this week's challenge!
Julia ❤️😘

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