January 23, 2017

Our New Friends!!

     Hey there. It's Stella!! So you guys remember last weeks challenge? Well, Julia and I, of course,
participated as well! We went out today to Reno Depot and bought ourselves some plants! I will be showing pictures and will write a little about each of the plants hopefully encouraging you to be interested in purchasing your own.

      Firstly, let me just say that plants are amazing. They give life to any environment and are really great house buddies. I am personally obsessed with plants because I love them so much and can't stop wanting more. I know you may be thinking that you aren't a plant person and that your plants always die on you, but trust me the following plants are great for anyone and easy to care for.

Julia's Plants:

1) Haworthia:

Light: Haworthia's will take various light conditions except for direct sunlight or deep shade.

Watering: A Haworthia is able to survive by being watered only once a month, but for a thriving plant watering when the soil is dry is necessary. Haworthia's are very tolerant of underwatering,  but overwatering will cause rotting. 

Humidity: No significant value.

Temperature: Average warmth between Spring and Autumn/Fall, but a bit cooler in the winter...not too cold, though. 

2) Jade:

Light: Direct sunlight is necessary for good growth. 

Watering: When soil seems to be dry not soak, though.

Humidity: Not necessary.

Temperature: On the higher side in the morning and a bit cooler at night...considering the direct sunlight, the temperature should be fine. 

My Plant:

3) Spoon Jade:

Light: Full sunlight or partial shade. The spoon jade adapts in either situation.

Watering: The spoon jade is very good at surviving in dry environments, therefore it is easy to care. Water when dry.

Humidity: Could use a misting every now and then for moisturization. 

Temperature: Room temperature is recommended.

That's it, guys! Hope you've liked this post and found it useful!! Also feel free to comment.

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place <3

Love Stella<3

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Nice plants. I love your blog.