January 25, 2017

Day #3

Hey guys, it Julia 😊 so it's day 3 of Stella and I telling you what we ate for the Eco friendly diet challenge! 
So for breakfast I had over night oats (I'll but a recipe down below) with an apple 🍎 
I had leftovers of the vegan mac and cheese (the recipe is in yesterday's post). I also made myself a quick edamame salad 🥗: 
1 cup of cooked edamame 
1/2 tbs of olive oil and balsamic vinegar 
A little salt and pepper 
This vegan breaded fish (from Gardene). Some roasted potatoes, carrots 🥕, and a kale salad mix. 

What Stella had today : 
Yogurt with chia seeds and a glass of orange juice 
Leftover stir fry 
Oven roasted veggies and a salad 🥗 

Recipe for over night oats: 

Thx so much for reading and we hope that you have joined in this week's challenge ❤❤

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