January 20, 2017

New Member!!!!

     Hey everyone! So I decided that I wouldn't do Rant Friday today and that Inwould reveal some news! I have a really good friend Julia who I go to school with. We both are very passionate about the environment and 1actaday seemed to intrigue a I decided why not add a new member to 1actaday. I think it's a great idea because honestly I could really use some help and I feel that Julia knows her stuff relating to the environment very well. She will post for the first time on Sunday and I'm honestly very excited! Also I think that next week I'm gonna do something relating to getting to know us better. Like obviously for Julia since she is new...but also maybe for me because I don't talk about myself much. Anyway that's it for today! Have a beautiful day lovelies! 

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place! ❤️
Love Stella ( and soon Julia too!)

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