January 15, 2017


     Hey. So today is the first day/ week where we will try out the new system I wrote about a few posts ago. So there will be one challenge that you can do every day of the week or one you could do throughout the week. Of course you are free to do both. So this week the challenge is to buy a houseplant! I thought this would be a great challenge and you have a whole week to do it. A new friend wouldn't do you any harm and plants are beautiful. If you are worried about taking care of it, do some research. That is the main challenge for the week. Now I will give you the other option or part depending if you want to do both or not. This one is pretty simple and I've used it many times before. Turn off the lights in the rooms that are not being used and unplug appliances that are not being used including your television. This is a great way to reduce your electricity consumption which reduces your carbon footprint and saves money! Anyway that's it! Feel free to let me know how this system works for you on either instagram or facebook. Also I will be posting a photo of the plant I'm going to buy later on in the week!

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place!

Love Stella ❤️ 


Anonymous said...

I try and do this every day. It just becomes a habit. PEACE !!

Unknown said...

Συνέχισε έτσι Στελλιτσα μου....!!!Και μακάρι λιγο λιγο όλοι να τα κανουνε.....!!!φιλακια