January 12, 2017

New System??

     Hello! So I was thinking....I'm probably going to change the system of 1actaday. What I mean by this is when I post and what I post. So I get really busy often because of school and other things that may be going on in my life. I am sure you guys experience the and all that jazz, and I thought it would be way easier if I organised how I post differently. I think it would be way for me and you this way. It's just very hard to be posting a new idea every single day and I'm sure it's difficult to stay informed everyday as a reader. Without taking away the goal of 1actaday (doing one act a day) I found a solution. I will be posting a main challenge for the whole entire week. So like a weekly challenge every Sunday which will apply for the whole entire week. One thing that you have to do every day of the week,of course the challenges will remain simple and that's what makes it work. This way it's easier for me and you this way!! I will post other posts also throughout the week not necessarily relating to the challenge. Also I may be posting another challenge that could be done anytime throughout the week like for example: to buy a houseplant. This way you can choose what you prefer: a small action everyday, or a bit of a larger action every week...or both If you are that amazing!! I will begin this system and see how it works out this Sunday. Welp that's it!! Also stay tuned tomorrow for the first Rant Friday (I know I said I would post last Friday but I kind of forgot...oops.) 
I'm aware that this picture hasn't got much to do with what I was talking about, but I found it cute...Yup..that;s how I roll...Don't judge<3

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place<3

Love Stella!

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