January 10, 2017

It's your turn to raise awareness! πŸ‘

     Hey everyone. I'm very excited about today's challenge because I believe it will be more interactive and more fun! Basically, today it's your turn to raise awareness about an environmental issue that concerns you. I also love this idea because there is so much freedom to it. You can do almost anything from raising awareness about climate change to the endangerement of honey bees. If you are not sure what to share with people, you can always do some research or you can contact me by sending me a message on our new instagram account or facebook page. Of course, even if you do have an idea, doing research will only confirm and add to your information. To actually do this of course pick a subject regarding the environment that you would like to share, and by using social media, or by physically telling people yourself, you will succeed. Don't be afraid to get creative with this. Feel free to make posters, post on the internet and anything else you can think of! Don't think I won't be doing this myself as well. I participate in every daily challenge just like you guys, so make sure to be expecting me to do my part! If your posting on instagram, make sure to tag _1actaday_ in it so I can see what your doing, or if you are using facebook feel free to message me your work. Same goes with ideas that are not necessarily using social media, you can always message me pictures! Anyway that's it! I hope this isn't too difficult. I think it'll be fun! This is your chance to prove yourself as someone who truly cares about making a difference. Have a beautiful day lovelies! ❤️ 

Thank you for caring and keep making the world a better place! 😊
Love StellaπŸ’—

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